We at North Pacific Auctioneers do not activly seek letters of recomend or appreation however in a conversation with a potential client he convinced me that I should show these letters in an effort to show my gratitude to the letter writers.

To: northpacific@yahoo.com
Subject: You have an honest auction done the way it’s supposed to be!
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 10:33:50 -0800

            Chuck and Marie,  I would like to give you my input about your auctions.  I love them.  You bid maximum bids the way they are meant to be done…I had a maximum bid higher than both items I bought last weekend at your auction that I could not attend (my computer was in limbo, so I could not attend on line yet but look foreward).  I only use AK Auction on line to see if I have a reason to go.  I know they use maximum bids as starting bids, and any more I know they bid me up in person when I do attend.  I sincerely appreciate the feel of your auctions,  it is like going back in time the way you present auctions, and I enjoy the honest environment of your auctions.  I hope you do not discontinue using Proxibid for my own convenience, but I also know it must be a large expense to you.  I would attend your auction no matter how or when you have them…if I am able.   You probably hear a lot about what’s wrong with auctions.  I just want to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment your auction has given my wife and I, and I sincerely appreciate you both and what you do, and the service you provide!  Keep up the great work, move into the computer age, but never lose the charm and “just folks” atmosphere that you maintain.  Thanks again, 
Name withheld         
See you at the doll auction,  I still need to find a porcelain pierot doll for my wife some day.

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